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Interested in being a sponsor?
Check out our goal and why we need your help!

          Last year with the help of our generous sponsors and donors​ we were able to completely pay for the 2022 Niles Burn Run before the event started Saturday morning. This allowed for every registration received, dollar donated, and raffle ticket bought to go straight to the Great Lakes Burn Camp. With everyone’s help we were able to write and present them with a check for . This is the largest donation the Niles Burn Run has ever been able to give and has allowed for over

to go to camp or receive college & trade school scholarships when they are no longer able to attend to camp.

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          Our Goal for the 2023 Niles Burn Run is the same as it was for the previous year. To one, pay for everything needed to put on the event before the start of the event and two, to help send as many children to camp as possible and support the Great Lakes Burn Camp any way we can. This is why we need your help! None of what was done previously could have happened without the support of many amazing companies and individuals like yourself. We look forward to joining forces to help support this great cause in our community!

Interested in being part of a great cause, click here for our sponsorship packet or email us directly! 

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